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My name is Amy Kirk, and I am a certified, licensed, and insured massage therapist practicing since 2009. I LOVE my job!  is SO good for you, and the way that women handle the physical and emotional stresses of life are physiologically different than how men handle them. In the past, you may have considered massage to be a pampering, decadent luxury, something to indulge in only on special occasions, but the truth is that when you receive a true therapeutic massage, you’re taking proactive, positive steps in improving your health! Here are just some of the benefits:

• Less joint pain 

• Increased flexibility

• Reduced blood pressure 

• Decreased stress

• Improved cardiovascular health 

• Better sleep cycles

And there’s many more benefits! Do you have arthritis, , or chronic pain? Regular massage therapy will improve your circulation, release endorphins, and can help eliminate the toxins that build up in the muscles that cause so much pain. For those with depression or anxiety issues, massage is a way of decreasing the stress that can cause it, and the added endorphin release will keep the anxiety at bay as well. It can improve your quality of sleep, which is the time when your body heals itself, and will lead to more energy during the day. The more regular your massage therapy appointments are, the more benefits you receive from it. 

In today’s economy, it’s natural that people are concerned with saving their money. But matters concerning your health is not where you want to be frugal. Health problems left unchecked tend to lead to other health problems, and putting off having it cared for will make the healing process that much longer, and that much more costly to remedy. Being proactive in your healthcare now will save you that money in the long run, and living a healthy, pain-free life is priceless. Appointments can be requested by phone, text message, or by email, so please contact me today to schedule your therapeutic massage appointment, or to purchase your gift for a loved one!

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